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Cameron’s Conservatives Poll for The Independent

 Public opinion poll on attitudes towards David Cameron and the Conservative Party conducted for The Independent, published 28 July 2008

Date Published: 26 Jul 2008

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The public believes David Cameron and the Conservative Party are ready to govern the country but are not sure what they stand for, according to a poll by ComRes for The Independent.

The survey found that finds 46 per cent of people believe that "David Cameron is ready to be Prime Minister", while 42 per cent disagree. But 49 per cent agree with the statement "I don’t really know what David Cameron stands for", with 44 per cent disagreeing.

Almost a quarter of Labour voters (22 per cent) and 44 per cent of Liberal Democrat supporters believe Mr Cameron would make a better prime minister than Gordon Brown. Overall, 52 per cent of the public agree, while 34 per cent disagree. Scotland is the only part of Great Britain which prefers Mr Brown.

The poll also shows that only 36 per cent regard Cameron as "just a slick salesman", as Mr Brown has called him, while 52 per cent disagree. But one in five Tory supporters hold that view.

People no longer regard the Tories as the "nasty party" by 53 per cent to 36 per cent. More than half (51 per cent) of Labour supporters agree, but 34 per cent of Tory voters still regard the party as "nasty."

A majority of people (53 per cent) believe the Tories are ready to govern after the next election, while 37 per cent disagree. Almost one in four Labour voters (23 per cent) agree.

By 56 per cent to 37 per cent, people reject the idea that the Tories lack the necessary experience to be trusted to run the country. But 48 per cent of people (and 25 per cent of Tory supporters) think they "don’t have enough clear policies for me to understand what they stand for", with 44 per cent disagreeing.

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