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BBC Watchdog Consumer Issues Polls

A series of weekly polls exploring the experiences of British consumers with regards to: winter savings, internet connectivity, supplier loyalty, electrical repairs and nuisance phone calls.

  • One third of British adults (35%) say they receive a slower speed of broadband connection than they pay for.
  • More than half of those who report registering for the Telephone Preference Service say that it does not work for them (58%).
  • Two in five British adults (42%) say they are concerned about the cost of their gas or electricity bills this winter

Date Published: 28th November 2016

Categories: Consumer | Energy | GB | Personal Finance | Public and communities | Technology & Telecoms

Client: BBC Watchdog


ComRes conducted a number of surveys, both online and telephone, between 21st  October  and  28th November  2016. Full methodology notes are avilable on each set of tables.

  1. BBC-Watchdog_Broadband-ConnectivityNuisance-Phone-Calls_data-tables_FINAL 0.01 MB.
  2. BBC-Watchdog_Electrical-Repairs_Data-Tables_FINAL 0.01 MB.

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