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BBC Sunday Politics Labour Councillors Survey

ComRes interviewed 1,350 Labour councillors online between 22nd August – 6th September 2013. Data were weighted to be representative of all Labour councillors in England and Wales by region.

Date Published: 21 Sep 2013

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Fewer than one in ten Labour councillors say the Party's relationship with the trade unions is too close, according to a survey for BBC1's Sunday Politics by ComRes.

According to the survey 88% of Labour councillors say the Party is either "not close enough" to the trade unions (25%) or the Party's relationship with the trade unions is "about right" (63%). Just 9% believe the Labour Party is "too close" to the trade unions.

31% of Labour councillors in our survey believe Ed Miliband is not doing a good job as Labour leader. 57% believe he is doing a good job.  And 30% believe Labour would have a better chance of winning the next election with someone other than Ed Miliband as leader with 49% disagreeing.

In our survey 32% of Labour councillors questioned believe that Ed Balls isn't the best choice as Shadow Chancellor with 52% believing he is the best choice.

And 54% of Labour councillors would oppose Labour forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats if the party wins the most seats but no overall majority at the next election.

On policy, 89% support a mansion tax on homes valued at more than £2m, 89% support reinstating the 50p top rate of Income Tax on incomes above £150,000 and 52% support scrapping Trident.

55% support the banning of Page 3 pictures with 24% opposing a ban.

41% of Labour councillors in our survey support a ban on the wearing of a burkha in places such as schools and airports, with 44% opposing such a ban.

The survey was conducted for BBC1's Sunday Politics programme by ComRes who interviewed 1,350 (out of total 6,842) Labour Councillors in England and Wales by online survey between 22nd August and 6th September 2013.





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