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BBC Sunday Politics Conservative Councillors Survey

Date Published: 27 Sep 2014


Nearly a third of Conservative councillors support an electoral pact with UKIP at the next election, according to a survey conducted for BBC1’s Sunday Politics programme by ComRes.

30% of Conservative councillors said they supported an electoral pact with UKIP in the run-up to the next General Election with 63% opposed to an electoral pack.

45% of Conservative councillors say that they would vote to leave the European Union if a referendum were held tomorrow. 39% would vote to stay in the EU.

Most Conservative councillors (58%) think that legalising gay marriage will cost the party more votes than it gains at the next election. Just 31% believe David Cameron was right to pursue legalising gay marriage while 60% disagree.

86% of Conservative councillors believe the level of immigration is too high in Britain compared with 9% who disagree, and just under half (49%) think climate change is happening but human activity is not mainly responsible for it.

56% think that the spending cuts the government have announced so far have not gone far enough.

And Boris Johnson is the most popular choice among Conservative councillors for the next leader of the party (25%).


The survey was conducted for BBC1’s Sunday Politics programme by ComRes who interviewed 1,057 Conservative Councillors online from 23rd-25th September 2014. Data was weighted to be representative by region. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.