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BBC Newsround SATs Poll

Poll of 750 English children aged 10-11 regarding their opinions on tests in school.

The majority of children aged 10-11 (59%) say they feel some pressure to do well in school tests, while one quarter (28%) say that they feel a lot of pressure.

Children aged 10-11 are most likely to report feeling nervous when they take tests at school (59%), followed by worried (39%) or stressed (27%), of the options tested.

One third of children aged 10-11 (32%) say they worry more about schoolwork when they have tests at school, while one quarter (25%) say they find it hard to concentrate.

Date Published: 9th May 2016

Categories: Education | GB

Client: BBC Newsround


ComRes interviewed 750 English children aged 10-11 online between 18th and 26th April 2016. Data were weighted by age and gender to be representative of all English children

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