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BBC Newsround Safer Internet Day 2017

A survey of 10-12 year olds who use social media on behalf of BBC Newsround.

  • One quarter of 10-12 year olds who post selfies on social media say that it is very important to look good in the selfies that they take (25%).
  • One in five 10-12 year olds who use social media (20%) agree that when they look at photos of celebrities on social media it makes them worry about how they look.
  • One in five 10-12 year olds (19%) say that they check their social media if they wake up in the night.

Date Published: 07/02/2017

Categories: Education | Media | Social | Technology & Telecoms

Client: BBC Newsround


ComRes interviewed 1,001 10-12 year olds in the UK online between 4th and 11th January 2017. Data is weighted by age and gender to be representative of all UK 10-12 year olds.

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