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BBC Daily Politics Poll of Lib Dem Councillors

 Poll of Liberal Democrat Councillors conducted for BBC's The Daily Politics published 21 September 2009.

Date Published: 20 Sep 2009

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Liberal Democrat activists want Nick Clegg to support the Labour Party in the event of a hung Parliament after the next general election according to a survey of Party activists.
In the survey, conducted for BBC2's Daily Politics programme by ComRes, nearly twice as many Liberal Democrat Councillors would like the Lib Dems to support the Labour Party (31%) rather than the Conservative Party (16%) in the event of a hung Parliament.

The survey also shows that the vast majority of Liberal Democrat activists do not believe the recent expenses scandal will harm their electoral prospects. 78% of those surveyed say it will not damage their chances compared with just 12% who think it will.

Results embargoed until 6:00am, 21st September 2009

The survey was conducted for BBC2's Daily Politics programme by ComRes who interviewed 346 Liberal Democrat Councillors in England and Wales by online surveys between 2nd and 16th September 2009.
Full Results:

In the event of a hung parliament at the next election, and if the Liberal Democrats held the balance of power, which party would you prefer the Liberal Democrats to support in Government?

Conservative Party 16%

Labour Party 31%

Don't know 48%

Do you think your party's role in the MPs' expenses scandal has damaged you locally in terms of your MPs' or candidates' chances of being elected, or not?

Yes 12%

No 78%

Don't know 10%

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