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Assaad Razzouk EU referendum and science poll

Poll of British adults on the EU referendum on behalf of Assaad Razzouk.

Date Published: 21st June 2016

Categories: GB | Public and communities | Social


ComRes interviewed a representative sample of British adults by telephone between 29th May and 5th June 2016, from which 809 adults who intend to vote to remain in the EU and 809 who intend to vote leave were drawn. Data, from which the subset was drawn, were weighted to be representative of all GB adults. Data were also weighted by past vote recall.



  1. Assaad-Razzouk_EU-Leave-Voters-Data-Tables_June-2016 -0 KB.
  2. Assaad-Razzouk_EU-Remain-Voters-Data-Tables_June-2016 -0 KB.

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