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APPG on Sustainable Housing MPs survey

A survey of MPs, conducted on behalf of the APPG on Sustainable Housing.

Date Published: 23 Sep 2010

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New low carbon homes – but even MPs don’t know the Government’s deadline

New research out today reveals that 72%* of MPs are unaware of the Government’s target for all new housing to be zero carbon by 2016, with 34%* incorrectly believing that the target doesn’t come into effect until 2020. The ComRes research, commissioned by a group of influential cross-party MPs, paints a worrying picture with regards to awareness of the Government’s zero carbon housing targets.

MPs were also asked to identify which issues they view as barriers to the target being achieved. Out of a list of options the two directly relating to consumers came top; namely the “lack of consumer demand on the part of consumers for zero carbon homes” and the “higher cost of homes for consumers”. While varying levels of concern were expressed in relation to the list of potential barriers put forward, the results make it clear that MPs believe it is potential issues relating to consumers’ themselves that pose the biggest worry when it comes to achieving the Government’s zero carbon target.

Additional key findings from the research include:
• 70%* of MPs correctly state that it is true that more than a quarter of UK carbon emissions come from housing. However, 14%* think this is false and a further 13%* “don’t know”
• Taken together, more than a quarter of MPs (27%)* are unaware that more than a quarter of UK carbon emissions come from housing
• 83%* of MPs correctly say that all new homes are now awarded a code level rating on the basis of their sustainability, while only 6%* think this is false and 9%* “don’t know”
• Taken together, more than one in ten MPs (15%)* are unaware of this development

Nick Raynsford MP, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Housing, which commissioned the research, said:

“The Government has set ambitious targets for sustainable housing in the UK, but it is clear that many concerned parties are still unaware of the all important details. The All-Party Group on Sustainable Housing is working to bridge this knowledge gap, providing MPs with a source of information and a forum for debate with industry and consumers as the UK moves to a low carbon, sustainable housing future.”

Imtiaz Farookhi, Chief Executive of the National House Building Council (NHBC), which sets standards for new and newly-converted homes in the UK, commented:

"It is important that consumers' interests are the top priority in the work to successfully deliver zero carbon homes. We are investing in the work of the NHBC Foundation and Zero Carbon Hub to help ensure that homes of the future are both functional and desirable for homeowners. "

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