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Aiport Operators Association MPs Survey

A survey of MPs on behalf of the Airport Operators Association.

Date Published: 09 May 2010

Categories: Economy | Policy Makers | Transport | UK


A recent survey conducted by ComRes / Airport Operators Association (AOA), found that over two thirds of MPs did not know that double taxation for air passengers is looming in 2012. A substantial majority of MPs were unfamiliar with the planned entry of the UK aviation industry into the EU Emissions Trading scheme (EU ETS) in 2012. This additional tax, coupled with a substantial increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD) next year, will mean that air passengers face double taxation on flights).  However, of those MPs who did know about the additional tax caused by the introduction of the EU ETS, 63% believe that APD should be reduced or abolished. 

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association, said:

“The ComRes / AOA survey shows that the majority of MPs do not know that air passengers will face onerous double taxation on flights from 2012. It is shocking that our policy-makers are unaware that holidaymakers and business people will be paying a new cost on flying – the EU Emissions Trading Scheme – as well as even more APD, already the highest in the world.

“Of those MPs who do actually know what is going on, more than 60% support the reduction or scrapping of APD to encourage economic growth by ensuring that passengers do not face a further tax rise in what are already tough economic times for everybody.”

Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes added:

“Fuel duty in one form or another has long proved a toxic issue politically and the impact of the ETS should not be ignored by politicians.  It is notable that of MPs who are aware of it, the majority view is to ameliorate its impact by varying Air Passenger Duty.  The ETS issue has all the hallmarks of a powerfully dangerous political mix.”

• The survey took place between 9 March and 4 April 2011, surveying 154 MPs

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