Charity & Not-For-Profit Market Research

Nicola Archer, Director

Third sector organisations are operating in a rapidly changing context, presenting new challenges to think boldly and creatively in order to secure their continued impact.

The resilience and influence of a charity or not-for-profit organisation is secured through building strategic partnerships with stakeholders across public and private sector audiences, and developing a connection with a broad supporter base. Clarity of purpose, and clear, targeted communications go a long way to boost brand awareness and support amongst stakeholders and supporters alike.

At Savanta our in-house market research experts will help to build a strong identity for your brand, that will sit at the heart of establishing a clear organisational intention in the minds of these valued audiences.

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How we help clients

Engage with all of your audiences

Employee and stakeholder engagement

Critical for projects that affect multiple stakeholders is the ability to engage with all of your core audiences. Bring them along on the journey and ensure all their views are taken into account when developing, refining or evolving your offer. We work with you to ensure all surveys and interviews are appropriate for each of your specific audiences.

Understand your supporters

Supporter strategies

Get close to your target audience using a combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis to bring profiles to life for your teams. Work with us to design and embed a bespoke audience segmentation, helping teams within your business to align decision making around the needs of your core target audiences.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core consumers and customers. Through this process, get your teams to prioritise your brand’s key fortresses – areas of strength that are central to your value proposition - whilst editing down or editing out secondary features.

Maximise the effectiveness of your campaign spend

Campaign effectiveness

Test new advertising and comms before launch amongst your target audience to optimise and refine creative and messaging for maximum impact. Evaluate performance post-launch using our ABCD model of campaign effectiveness to determine recall, memorability, attribution and key messaging cut-through.

They take time to get to the heart of your issue to ensure they really understand what good looks like to you before offering a tailored solution.”
Brand & Communications Team, Amnesty UK


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