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Graeme Cade, SVP

We all know B2B is different. Complex decision-making structures, large-ticket purchases, battles over company budgets, and rational decision-making… but is this true?

Whilst the first three are very common, B2B is not as rational as we may be inclined to think. Buyers nearly always go with one of the first companies that come to mind. Emotive drivers play a key role in this decision (no matter how many procurement frameworks you put in place, business decisions are not formulae), and personal motivation can be just as important as business motivation.

B2B decisions are still made by irrational, emotional humans (for now at least!). It’s just the framework they operate within that makes it different from B2C.

This means any successful B2B brand needs to keep two core principles in mind at all times:

  • (i) what does the framework from which our market interacts with us look like?
  • (ii) how can we best engage with this audience (that in reality is highly irrational?)

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How we help clients

Develop compelling thought leadership for PR

Marketing effectiveness

Discover compelling insights for thought leadership, using research to uncover unique points of view about the most relevant topics in your sector. Work closely with our integrated research, design and delivery teams to create professionally designed reports, film or animations that draw attention.

Engaging hard-to-reach audiences

Proposition and innovation testing

We help you identify and explore new opportunities, understanding what resonates with your target market and how to capitalise on evolving market needs. Whether it’s an early stage idea or a pre-launch concept, we design studies that help you build winning propositions.

Step into your customers’ shoes

Customer journeys

Map out the customer journey, identify the key engagements, and reveal what excellent looks like at each stage. Explore pain points and barriers to purchase and uncover how you can stand apart from competitors.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core audiences and stakeholders. Identify and protect your brand’s fortresses of strength, reveal and discard any unnecessary distractions, and make the case for brand investment.

There is direct evidence that the campaign created several million pounds in incremental revenue – and internally the feedback from our Senior Leadership Team and sales organisation has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Brand Marketing Lead, Vodafone


Introducing BrandVue: Your daily source for insight

Based on a continuous survey of tens-of-thousands of members of your target market and covering all key competitors, the BrandVue dashboard is a highly reliable, user-friendly window on how customers perceive brands in your sector and rate their experiences with them.

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