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Scripting around the clock

We worked with a leading London-based Strategy Consulting firm to support a buy-side due diligence transaction in the TMT sector.

Our client wanted survey data to help them give informed and reliable advice.

The Challenge

In order to help our client understand the market that they were advising in we needed to speak to thousands of consumers across three geographies: Germany, France and Italy.

We needed to gather this data quickly, to allow our client sufficient time to analyse the data, test hypotheses, and build out recommendations.

Our approach

To meet the timeline, we utilised our round-the-clock scripting team. We had a ready-to-test survey within 24 hours of receiving the complex, 90-question questionnaire.

Working closely with our linguists who translated the survey build, we were able to launch the survey only three days after getting the project commissioned.

Once launched, our target was achieving 1,000 completes in each of the target markets. With our vast and engaged panel we were able to complete fieldwork over a weekend, returning final data less than a week after first receiving the questionnaire.

The outcome

Ultimately, we made our client’s life easier. Our timely, smooth, high quality delivery armed them with exactly what they required, when they required it.

Our ability to move fast paired with our expansive panel reach meant that our client was able to start analysing 3,000 survey responses within a few days of engaging with us. Our ongoing working relationship means that we understand their priorities and what works for them.

This means that even with a tight timeline, the process can work remarkably smoothly.

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