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Outdoor power equipment giant

Brand Tracking

With a reported $537.69B revenue in 2021, our client has established themselves as a giant in the competitive space.

Our client is one of the world’s leading tractor and outdoor power equipment manufacturers and has established themselves as giant in the competitive space.


The Challenge

This leading outdoor power equipment company has a huge presence globally, but a smaller presence within the United States market. They wished to market their brand more aggressively in the US, but lacked data on how their brand performs vis-à-vis their competitors.

What they needed was to understand and track the performance of their brand and discern how their brand was perceived in the US among multiple audiences.

Our approach

Savanta designed a scalable and thorough brand tracking program with unique questions for our client’s various product lines and customers.

We used our audience access to target a robust sample of four groups:

  • Residential property owners with 2+ acres
  • Commercial landscapers
  • Construction companies
  • Farmers/Ranchers

The outcome

Our client now has a clear outlook on its awareness, brand perceptions, and competitive position among its niche B2B and residential audiences in the US. Insights gathered were used to establish their 5-year goals and launch a new marketing campaign and brand strategy in 2022, leaning into positive assessments of their service and quality.

With insights drawn from the research, our client is running this study annually, tracking metrics over time, and monitoring how quickly they grow.

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