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National pizza franchise

Segment illumination

Our client is one of the largest and most popular national pizza franchises.

Our client’s impressive reach and quality product makes it one of the most popular and largest pizza franchises in the nation, and globally.

Our client sought to illuminate different customer segments and their pizza-consumption habits to optimize positioning for each customer type and continue driving revenues.

The Challenge

Our client served us with the challenge of doing an in-depth analysis of the pizza consumption habits, motivators, and opinions of a specific segment of customers called Pizza Lovers, who are millennials who see food as a way of bringing individuals together. Particularly, our client sought to uncover brand perceptions of their own brand and of competitors, the occasions that pizza customers choose to order pizza, and the customer journey that results in a pizza order being placed.

Through these insights, our client desired to prioritize its most valuable segments through effective positioning in order to ultimately increase revenue.

Our approach

Our two-pronged approach utilized quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the current perceptions, social occasions, and customer journey of the Pizza Lovers customer segment.

Our quantitative survey was administered to 1,005 lookalike Pizza Lovers between the ages of 18-45.

Our qualitative approach utilized a two-day discussion board forum with 20 lookalike Pizza Lovers followed by 30-minute in-depth interviews with 8 lookalike Pizza Lovers. These qualitative methods paired with the quantitative insights provided our client with a holistic overview of the pizza-consumption habits of their Pizza Lovers segment.

The outcome

Through our analyses, our client was able to gain an understanding of the Pizza Lovers segment, from basic demographic information to consumers feeling surrounding each stage of the pizza-consumption experience. Further, the client was able to understand areas of strength and growth that were informed by the opinions of customers themselves. Overall, our approach has helped our client to better understand its most valuable customer segment to inform positioning strategies and increase revenue.

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