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Campaign effectiveness

MillionaireVue is our quarterly omnibus focused on understanding the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Our client recently launched its first brand campaign in decades and wanted to measure the impact of it amongst their high-net-worth target audience.

The Challenge

Our client needed access to a robust sample of millionaires, and was unable to access this data in a timely manner from anywhere else.

The campaign was primarily targeting prospective clients aged 30-45 in order to build and update the brand. Existing customers were also part of the campaign target to enhance their perceptions of the bank regarding sustainability and lending.

Our approach

Naturally, we used Savanta’s MillionaireVue Omnibus to procure data from such a substantial sample of millionaires.

Key performance indicators tracked on MillionaireVue measured the campaign’s impact on brand perceptions over time.

In addition, ad awareness and recognition were tracked over several quarters to measure the campaign’s penetration.

We also measured the campaign’s brand fluency and the main messages taken out of the campaign.

The outcome

Our client gained a deep understanding of the campaign’s effectiveness and what the specific drivers of this were for its target audience.

We provided a large enough sample of Millionaires under 45 years old, so that the client could see the various areas in which the campaign had exceled, including prompted awareness, familiarity, and consideration. Image perceptions also improved amongst clients and non-clients.

MillionaireVue also showed that despite the uplift, some measures did shrink back after the campaign ended, prompting our client to tweak the campaign for future phases.

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