February 20, 2020

Which charity brand is most loved in 2020?

Nicola Archer, Director
Only charities that create an emotional bond with their supporters can succeed in securing a lasting relationship with them.

Today we launch Savanta’s Top 100 Most Loved Charity Brands 2020, with Macmillan Cancer Support topping the table followed by Cancer Research UK and Dogs Trust.

As part of our BrandVue series of the Top 100 most-loved brands in different sectors, we’ve used BrandVue Charities data to determine which charity has captured the hearts of supporters across the UK.

Download the full report here.

The data shows that ‘love’ is an important factor in increasing support for charities both in terms of financial donations as well as ‘in-kind’ support including social media endorsements and word-of-mouth advocacy. It is also a factor in building long-term engagement and vital in helping to form a long-lasting relationship between people and the charity they choose to donate to.

The report unequivocally sets out just why inspiring love among the general public is in the interest of charities across all causes. Only charities that create an emotional bond with their supporters can succeed in securing a lasting relationship with them.

The top charity brands

The top ten list contains charities from across the spectrum. Besides Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK and Dogs Trust, charities which support children and families as well as veterans’ charity Help for Heroes score highly in terms of the love they evoke from supporters.

The full report contains:

  • The Top 100 most loved charity brands league table
  • A breakdown of the most popular charities across seven sub-sectors including animal welfare, health & mental health, children & families, international aid, environmental protection, disability and social justice
  • A summary of the attributes associated with the most-loved charity brands
  • Analysis on how charities can become more loved and —in turn — drive more support

The data is based on 60,000 interviews collected over the past year, through Savanta’s market intelligence platform BrandVue Charities: the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and supporter tracking engine in the market.

Download the full report here.


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