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Qualitative insight research

Our approach to qualitative market research is to empower through empathy. Walk in your customers’ shoes to inspire change and unlock commercial opportunities.

Our approach

Who are you making decisions for? How do they think, feel, and behave? Why? You need to know their core beliefs and motivations, as well as the contextual factors in their lives that have the greatest impact. People are the vital ingredient to provide fresh inputs and nuance for richer insights.

Our qualitative research facilitates a deep connection with the lives, opinions, and behaviour of your customers. This is where our qualitative research analysis excels. We dig deeper with ethnographies and step into your customers’ world – via shop-alongs, eye-tracking studies, and other smart techniques.

In a world drowning in data, to make better decisions you need to see their faces, hear their voices, and empathise with their stories.

Research benefits

Our qualitative research facilitates a deep connection with the lives, opinions, and behaviour of your customers.

Humanising big data

Behind every data point is a human story that holds the key to understanding the why. Our qualitative research helps you see the reasons behind data trends and customer behaviour.

Unveiling decision-making

We go beyond the rational and tap into your customers’ "system one" instincts. Using a range of biometric and psychometric approaches, we'll demonstrate what’s really behind their decision-making.

Revealing customer behaviour

Context is king in qualitative research. What happens in-the-moment? We always aim to base fieldwork in live environments, rather than sterile research rooms. It’s what makes our research truly powerful.


Making a human connection

Connect with customers and their stories on a human level. We use behavioural economics to uncover deeper truths. We gain a richer understanding of underlying opinions. We share engaging, real-life stories to drive action.


Taking a bold approach

We accelerate change. We challenge you to do more for your customers and truly innovate to meet their needs. We think big. We’re brave; challenging expectations and sharing our views when we believe they will lead to better, more profitable business and marketing decisions.


Providing a commercial context

We approach your challenges in their real-world context – factoring in brand, audience, and the wider market. We use models and frameworks that stretch, test, and refine our thinking – delivering guidance to support growth.


Accessing our collective team

We use many minds to tackle complex challenges. You’ll get the most from our years of combined experience. We don’t view insights in isolation, we tap into our proprietary research sources to build stories and add big data points.

Research methods

Quantitative research

Quantitative research





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