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Independent on Sunday Poll

Voting intention poll plus political attitudes conducted for the Independent on Sunday published 19 July 2009.

Date Published: 18 Jul 2009

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Independent on Sunday ComRes poll

Con     38% (+2)
Lab      23% (-2)
LD       22% (+3)
Other   16% (-4)
[Change since the last ComRes poll for The Independent, published 30 June.]

Liberal Democrats gain as Conservatives still fall short of 40 per cent.

Additional questions:
I don’t really know what David Cameron stands for
Agree               53% - up from 49% in July 2008
Disagree           42% - unchanged from July 2008

More British troops and resources should be devoted to Afghanistan
Agree             34%                          
Disagree         60%  
All British forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan as quickly as possible
Agree              64%      
Disagree         33%  

I expect that the 2012 Olympics will be worth the expense in the end
Agree               54%
Disagree           42%

Methodology note:
ComRes telephoned 1,010 GB adults on 15-16 July 2009. Data were weighted by past vote recall.

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