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Airport Operators Association Brexit MPs survey

Survey of MPs on behalf of the Airport Operators Association on their attitudes towards UK aviation following the vote to the leave the EU.

  • A large majority of MPs across the House agree that in the wake of the Brexit result, the UK’s international air connectivity is more important than ever before.
  • In addition, a majority of MPs say that to ensure the continuity of air services between the UK, the EU, and other countries like the USA and Canada, agreeing new air services agreements with these countries should be one of the UK Government’s top priorities following the EU referendum.

Date Published: 14/02/2017

Categories: Economy | Policy Makers | Politics | Transport | UK

Client: Airport Operators Association (AOA)


ComRes interviewed 152 MPs online and by paper self-completion questionnaire between 10th November and 19th December 2016. Data were weighted to reflect the exact composition of the House of Commons in terms of party representation and regional constituency distribution.

  1. AOA_November-2016-MPs-Research_TABLES 0.02 MB.

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