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Better ideas in half the time

We are now part of Savanta

Intengo is a new breed of strategic research firm, determined to find answers to your challenges in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

Our approach

Are you starting with a blank page, and need some fresh ideas? Our ideation process harnesses the wisdom of crowds to uncover hundreds of new ideas, and/or identify the best ones from a large consideration set, in a matter of days. From new products, branding statements, product/service names, claims/taglines, or something else; the crowd has you covered.

If you already have concepts you want to test, our prediction markets are ideal for expanding your thinking and greatly shortening your learning curve. The power of social prediction and crowd wisdom can generate more accurate feedback with less inherent bias, while gameful design and incentives keep participants highly engaged.

Whatever answers you’re looking for, we offer flexible tools to suit almost any need.

Our solutions

Ideation & concept screening

Our goal is to help you get answers FAST. That’s why we created a versatile, easy to use tool-set that allows you to customize your innovation process. Use any combination of our tools to get the results you need, when you need them.

Idea generation

It’s one giant brainstorming session, without the boondoggling. When you need lots of new ideas – from products, to names, claims, taglines, marketing verbiage, problems consumers have in your category, and more.

Idea filtering

You have the ideas, but can’t narrow them down. When you have large sets of ideas and you’d like to see what filters to the top or falls to the bottom.

Concept screening & testing

What’s best, what’s worst, and by how much? When you need to test/screen ideas fast, and identify drivers of preference and rejection.

Concept optimization

Almost there, but it could be better. When you need to improve even the best idea before taking it further in development.

Emotional driver analysis

And how does that make you feel…? Understand how your concepts are connecting with people on an emotional level to avoid unintentionally evoking the wrong emotions.

Research benefits

Blazing speed

Whether it’s finding new ideas, filtering large lists of ideas, or getting you from concepts to conclusions fast, Intengo will provide clarity on where to invest your resources in a matter of days!

Clear differentiation

Eliminate inflated self-perception and overstated purchase intent that can distract from great ideas and better concepts.

High accuracy

When screening concepts, our highly accurate rank order will identify winners and losers for clear direction on your go-to-market strategy.

Wilder concepts

Find new out-of-the-box ideas, with the ability to screen a larger number of concepts (including wilder, sleeper ideas) – and uncover new concepts with greater success potential.

Rich feedback

Get valuable input to improve your product and marketing ideas early in development.