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Caroline Hawkings, UK CEO

Keeping up with consumers’ fast-changing wants and needs is half the battle – staying relevant and offering products that are new, innovative and on-trend.

Then there’s the changing dynamic in-store towards experiential retail and the escalating demands of online shopping and ever faster delivery. Retailers need to respond to consumers’ increasing sense of urgency as they become accustomed to the efficiency of the ‘search and filter’ they get online. At the same time, retailers benefit from lots of open interaction with customers and the ability to build loyalty. By embracing this complexity, multiple opportunities emerge for retailers looking to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

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How we help clients

Improve targeting and cut-through

Marketing effectiveness

Work with us to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies through one-off or ongoing brand measurement studies. Determine the cut through of advertising and messaging in a competitive context and set strategies based on robust insights.

Test and launch successful campaigns

Campaign effectiveness

Test new advertising and comms before launch amongst your target audience to optimise and refine creative and messaging for maximum impact. Evaluate performance post-launch using our ABCD model of campaign effectiveness to determine recall, memorability, attribution and key messaging cut-through.

Improve conversion at the point of sale

Omnichannel optimisation

Evaluate your key customer touchpoints, both in-store and online, to understand the context in which decisions are made across the customer journey. Work with our behavioural team, using both ethnographic and implicit approaches, to inform strategies that will boost customer satisfaction and conversion.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core consumers and customers. Through this process, get your teams to prioritise your brand’s key fortresses – areas of strength that are central to your value proposition - whilst editing down or editing out secondary features.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Savanta. They combine professionalism and proactivity with an ongoing desire to learn about and add value to Sainsbury's via a wide range of research projects and programmes."
Head of Insight, Sainsbury's


Introducing BrandVue: Your daily source for insight

Based on a continuous survey of tens-of-thousands of members of your target market and covering all key competitors, the BrandVue dashboard is a highly reliable, user-friendly window on how customers perceive brands in your sector and rate their experiences with them.

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