Toy Manufacturer:
harnessing brand love

A disruptive approach was most likely to be effective in generating purchases at point of sale

Our client, an iconic toy brand, is known and loved by children and adults all over the world.

Its challenge is to harness this brand love and convert it at point of sale, when shoppers are faced with a sea of competitive products

The Challenge

The client wanted to launch a new shopper campaign, moving away from its usual product and range-led ads towards a more brand-focused campaign.

Prior to doing so, our client wanted to test various creatives in real life environments so as to understand which would have the most impact on conversion at point of sale.

Our approach

With the objective of this campaign being to convert, we decided to take a behavioural approach to creative testing to see which of the creatives generated interest (clicks) and conversion (sales). We asked participants to shop for toys in a controlled e-comms environment which showcased the tested creatives as banner ads.

This exercise was included in an online survey which also incorporated a more detailed evaluation of the creatives so that we could explore which elements of the campaign drove interest.

This was complemented by online focus groups with parents of children in the relevant age group to further explore their perceptions of each creative and identify areas for improvement.

The outcome

The mixed methodology combining behavioural data and post-rationalised feedback led to interesting results: one creative was a clear favourite amongst parents. But another, which they found slightly unusual and unexpected, was the one that that generated the most interest and conversion.

This proved our client’s theory correct: a disruptive approach was most likely to be effective in generating purchases at point of sale.

Our client is currently finanalising its next campaign based on the best-forming creative from the shopping exercise and utilising the quantitative and qualitative feedback from the creative evaluation.

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