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Delivery riders are the lifeblood of Deliveroo

Deliveroo has changed the face of fast-food delivery

Gone are the days of limited choice, now you can order anything from scrambled eggs for breakfast to steak tartare for dinner, with the best local restaurants delivered directly to your door.

The Challenge

With major tech brands like UberEats and AmazonFresh tucking into the takeaway category, Deliveroo decided they needed a little help to keep them at the front of the line.

Our approach

The goal was to help them understand how their brand is perceived, both globally and at a local level.

Savanta kicked off the research programme with an in-depth segmentation of the UK takeaway market. Basically, if you’d ordered takeaway in the last six months, you were in the segmentation. This created six new audience archetypes – and a considerable growth opportunity.

Off the back of the segmentation, a complex programme of international brand tracking enabled them to understand what was driving performance at city-level, how they are performing against the new target segments, and where they stood against the competition.

The outcome

The segmentation has changed the way they see their markets. It has been so successful that it led them to extend the program to the delivery riders themselves. Delivery riders are the lifeblood of Deliveroo – by gaining a new treasure trove of understanding about them they are now equipped to grow the business by finding the next 100,000 riders. has been so successful that it led Deliveroo to extend the program to the delivery riders themselves.”

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