April 30, 2020

Just a quarter of US consumers expect life to ‘go back to normal’ after lockdown

US weekly consumer tracker: April 30th 2020

Andrew Trudeau, Director in Client Development
US consumers are resetting their expectations for the length of the coronavirus crisis

As the ‘stay home’ mantra continues to prevail in many states across America, our recent consumer coronavirus tracker data points to a dramatic shift in lifestyle following the lockdown period.

Just a quarter (24%) of respondents say that they plan to go about life the same as before once we emerge from lockdown, whether that be a big lifestyle change or simply smaller ways of adapting like avoiding large gatherings. The government and health experts can rest assured that part of this lifestyle shift will echo their own guidance, with 41% saying they will stay socially distanced and 33% saying that they will wear a facemask and/or gloves in public.

As different states continue to announce their plans, US consumers are resetting their expectations for the length of the coronavirus crisis. Over the past two weeks, the average expected length of the crisis has increased from 9 months to just over 10 months.

With so many people stuck inside and working from home, many consumers are turning to TV and radio for comfort – but it’s not just the latest Netflix series that can boost our mood. In fact, consumers say they actively want to hear positive advertising from brands, with four in ten (42%) consumers believing that brands should focus on life after coronavirus in their ads.

That said, brands need to find a way to navigate these murky waters and still come out clean. Positivity may be encouraged, but sensitivity is key – especially in the beauty and retail sectors. A quarter of US consumers (24%) feel that non-coronavirus related ads from beauty companies are insensitive, while 23% feel the same for clothing and fashion companies.

The data shows that US consumers are readjusting to a longer than expected lockdown period, but are ultimately adapting to necessary changes and working together to battle a mutual enemy. Less people now feel that the government should be doing more to enforce isolation, and there has been a slight uptick in those who think the worst is over.

Weekly US Consumer Coronavirus Data Tracker

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