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The future of your business

We combine sector expertise with local knowledge to provide you with a deep understanding of your industry – helping to inform & inspire, and enable you to make better decisions.

  • Automotive


    For leading automotive brands, innovation and profitability are delicately balanced against the changing landscape of societal, political, and environmental conditions.

  • Business & professional services

    Business & professional services

    Any company providing business and professional services is providing the lifeblood of commerce. But customers don’t buy business and professional services rationally.

  • Charities & not-for-profit

    Charities & not-for-profit

    Charities and third sector organisations face tough challenges - identifying and anticipating macro and micro societal changes to adapt and set strategic objectives.

  • Eating & drinking

    Eating & drinking

    From pubs to coffee shops, fast food to delivery aggregators, it's essential to stay relevant as brands need to stay top of mind to keep customers ordering.

  • Education


    Higher education institutions must understand the needs of applicants, undergraduates and postgraduates to ensure brand distinction, and student attraction.

  • Energy & utilities

    Energy & utilities

    Whether it’s gas, electricity, water or sustainable energy, the industry is in a constant flux, with changing demands from customers, stakeholders and regulators.

  • Fashion & beauty

    Fashion & beauty

    Being a brand that people wear and desire means being front and centre in consumers’ minds, connecting with consumers across an omnichannel landscape.

  • Financial services

    Financial services

    A sector most impacted by digital disruption, with fierce new competition from FinTech companies, open banking a reality and established brands creating their own challenger propositions.

  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

    Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

    The CPG sector is going through seismic change, with high inflation, regulation, changing consumer behaviour and a hyper competitive channel landscape.

  • Health & wellbeing

    Health & wellbeing

    An increased focus and far greater emphasis on all aspects of mental and physical wellbeing have significantly altered the health landscape.

  • Luxury


    Luxury consumers have high expectations, demanding quality, enduring value and remarkable experiences, and brands need to adapt to this discerning audience and changing demands.

  • Media


    How is your brand interacting with today’s media? The changing media landscape, fuelled by emerging technologies is having a massive influence on brand perception.

  • Public sector

    Public sector

    Public sector organisations face ongoing challenges to respond to change and future-proof their organisations by identifying macro and micro societal changes.

  • Pharma


    Life science is a broad sector, encompassing pharmaceutical, medical devices, laboratory equipment, and biotechnology companies.

  • Politics


    The UK has a fascinating and challenging political landscape that demands knowledge and understanding to make better policy, communication and reputation decisions.

  • Property & construction

    Property & construction

    The property and construction landscape is changing - increased working from home has transformed the way developers and sellers evaluate homes.

  • Retail


    Keeping up with consumers’ fast-changing wants and needs is half the battle – staying relevant and offering products that are new, innovative and on-trend

  • Sports & leisure

    Sports & leisure

    With an increase in to looking after physical and mental wellbeing investigating attitudes and behaviours towards specific sports, brands or events is key.

  • Technology & telecoms

    Technology & telecoms

    The line between a successful tech proposition and a flop is very thin. To stay relevant, it’s vital to understand the evolving ways users engage with technology and telecoms.

  • Transport & logistics

    Transport & logistics

    From railways, airlines and airports, ferry services and business networks, service innovations and the adoption of new technologies will continue to redefine expectations for the whole sector.

  • Travel


    We’re fascinated by truly understanding why travel companies often fail to receive the full benefit from the positive emotional impact of the end experience they provide.

  • Wealth management

    Wealth management

    Leading wealth and investment managers and private banks need meticulous insight to gain a deeper understanding of how HNWI audiences act, feel, think, and prioritise.

  • Youth


    The future of your business is the next generation – engage with the values of young people to future-proof your pipeline and your brand.

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