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Client sample surveys

There’s only one way to improve your customer experience. Ask. Then act! Client sample surveys are a great way to ensure unbiased feedback and engage with your customer base.

Our approach

Our client data collection services are designed to leave no stone unturned. We consider many scenarios to ensure compliance, deliverability, response rates and quality of outputs.

One of the most important things for brands today is to create the smoothest and most enjoyable customer journey. That goes for us too! We are skilled at building services around your needs. From questionnaire design to insight delivery, quality and detail underpin our database handling and data collection services.

We place data quality, GDPR and actionable insights at the heart of our design. It allows the smoothest experience for clients and data base members.


Legal compliance

We ensure compliance with local privacy and data protection laws and best practice, so you can be confident the information you provide is safe, secure and handled appropriately.


Database verification

Maximising engagement is a product of ensuring the database available is current and appropriate. We use proprietary technology to verify the database and provide feedback and guidance on the best approach to contact database members.


Ensuring deliverability

Build a strong delivery reputation. Focused on compliance and best practice. You can be confident that emails will be delivered successfully to maximise response potential. Pre-send checks and verification mean there’s no surprises once live.


Constant feedback and improvement

We analyse delivery and response during the data collection process, adjusting parameters to ensure valuable client list views are generated.

Research benefits

Unparalleled expertise

Our experience and proprietary technology guarantee that your most valuable asset – your customers – are handled with care.

Respondent engagement

This starts at the point of email delivery and contributes directly to response rates and data quality.

Data privacy and GDPR compliance

We take care of it all. We’ll guide you through the process and work within your own privacy frameworks.

Research methods

Online data collection (CAWI)

Face to face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Telephone data collection (CATI)

Audience Access

Data processing

Data analysis & visualisation


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