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Pharmaceutical & life science market research

Encompassing pharmaceutical, medical devices, laboratory equipment, and biotechnology companies, life science is an industry like no other. With the power to change lives, while also needing to constantly adapt and transform.

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We see pharmaceutical and life science market research as a preventative, diagnostic, and curative care for any organisation in this industry. Effective pharmaceutical and life science market research needs to connect with niche audiences, while navigating this complex industry. This is no easy feat! Life science audiences are nuanced and specific; if you don’t speak to the right audience, the feedback is almost entirely useless.

Designing effective pharmaceutical and life science market research instruments requires deep industry knowledge. Our researchers understand the sector, the customer, and the legislative dynamics. Conducting interviews with groups like physicians or patients? It’s an art that requires training and practice. And we’ve mastered it.

We've spent years building the largest panel of life science professionals in the industry. Using a custom approach, we leverage resources to find niche groups, such as curated lists of hospital and lab decision makers, or panels with disease-state targeting.

Sensitive patient topics? World renowned doctors? Finicky PhD lab scientists? We’ve been conducting pharmaceutical and life science market research for decades, which allows us to design research that results in actionable outputs for product, marketing, or strategy improvements. From instrument sound design testing with lab directors, to complex in-depth interviews with cardiologists, our team can design and execute with ease.

How we help

In-depth interviews

Our experienced life science moderators talk to doctors, lab decision makers, hospital decision makers, purchasing and procurement managers, patients, nurses and PAs, lab techs, and more!

Consumer and patient surveys

We conduct large scale consumer and patient surveys on a global scale, offering robust and high-quality surveys, using our unmatched recruitment strategy.

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the team. At every stage of our research with NHS leaders, the team were just brilliant – professional, responsive, expert, and enthusiastic about helping us achieve what we were after. I will definitely be working with them again in the future.”

Faculty of Public Health Senior Policy Officer
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10 July 2024

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