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Telephone data collection (CATI)

A good old phone call never features the phrase “you’re on mute”, thankfully! For some research needs, having the convenience of an interviewer-led interaction via the phone allows for richer data collection. It brings out a more unfiltered, human element. We can also arrange structured quantitative surveys or more in-depth qualitative interviews.

Our approach

We know screen fatigue is real. So, along with our computer mediated interactions, we design bespoke solutions to maintain data quality.

We can use computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) as the primary data collection method, or simply as part of a broader range of research methodologies.

Not all target audiences can be easily found for online panels. Telephone interviews help us to address specific audience access challenges.


Selecting the audience

We work with either your customer lists or can source the audience you need to hear from.


Expert planning

We build a fieldwork plan and timetable that you can rely on to deliver results on time and budget.


Quality interviewers

Interviewers are briefed to ensure they have a full understanding of the research needs of the project, providing a consistent and professional approach throughout the data collection process. They are trained to follow the interviewer quality control scheme (IQCS) with native speakers working across time zones, ensuring that prime periods are covered and that calls can be made when respondents are available.


Swift delivery

Our data collection system means data is processed on an ongoing basis, ensuring minimal time lag between fieldwork completion and delivery of results.

Research benefits

Quality control

Enjoy the subtleties of a human approach with the accuracy of a computer-controlled survey. CATI interviews can be recorded, in accordance with local data privacy rules, for post validation and review.

Questionnaire design

Each questionnaire is tailor-made according to the audience and designed to elicit accurate and dependable data collection. This ensures your customers and target audience have an experience that's engaging and efficient.


CATI interviewing allows us to access those audiences not easily accessed by other methods, whether they are business or consumer focused. It allows a nimble and targeted approach to audience identification and engagement.

Research methods

Face-to-face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Face-to-face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Online data collection (CAWI)

Online data collection (CAWI)

Audience Access

Audience Access

Client sample surveys

Client sample surveys

Data processing

Data processing

Survey design

Survey design

Data analysis & visualisation

Data analysis & visualisation

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