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Public policy

Develop ground-breaking policies and set a future-proof public affairs strategy. Our public policy research provides the insights and recommendations you need to succeed.

Our approach

We live in a time where crises keep on coming and the pace of change is unrelenting. This increases the importance of swift decision-making backed up by rigorous evidence.

Need to protect or improve your reputation? Or are you trying to stand out from the crowd with innovative policy ideas? The services we offer include:

  • Public policy development and evaluation research: address the most pressing social needs, with research that informs and evaluates your public policy development.
  • Public affairs strategy research: every business is affected by public affairs through legislation or regulation – research offers crucial support to your strategy.
  • Localised research: understand the views of local residents and businesses – for effective community engagement, planning, and decision-making.

If you want to cut through the noise, robust public policy research is at the heart of successful initiatives and interventions.

Research benefits

Managing, protecting, or improving reputations

Identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as any reputational risks and mitigations, to inform your public affairs management.

Identifying how to engage more effectively

Get the insights you need to find out how to engage and communicate with governmental stakeholders more productively.

Understanding governmental attitudes and priorities

Contribute more to the debate. Advance your positions. Achieve your public policy strategy objectives. How? Through a better understanding of governmental attitudes and priorities related to your policy areas.

Informing local plans, initiatives, or developments

Working effectively at a local level requires an understanding of the population in that area. Any decision-making should be informed by robust evidence of what the local population think and want.

Research methods

Policy development & evaluation

Policy development & evaluation

Public affairs strategy

Public affairs strategy

Localised research

Localised research

Polling & fast surveys

Polling & fast surveys

Case studies

The Centre for Ageing BetterReframing narratives on ageing

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Healthwatch EnglandMental health services

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Citizens AdviceA link in the chain

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