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Fast surveys

Need public opinion data later this week? Tomorrow? Today? Few research agencies are agile enough for that – but we are. Check out our fast survey service.

Our approach

Sometimes you just need results urgently – ideally yesterday! Often things happen at the last-minute and you need answers, pronto. If you’re the quickest to respond, the first-mover advantage could be huge. That’s where our fast surveys come in!

We offer a snap shot of public opinion, to gauge early reactions including bespoke, same-day turnaround for urgent, last-minute needs. It’s a speedy service that lets you respond to political developments quickly and decisively.

How do we do it? By using a smaller sample size and a lighter-touch approach to delivery – but with absolutely no scrimping on quality in terms of sampling, quotas, and attention-to-detail. Our specialist polling team regularly use our same-day service themselves to access in-house insights for political events, like the Budget. We’re well-placed to do the same for you.

Research benefits

Testing hypotheses, policies or messages

Use fast surveys as a quick snapshot of public sentiment, to provide evidence for strategy development and to support long-term business goals.

Informing and inspiring – fast

Receive rapid results that will help your business – or audiences – react to a fast-moving political and social landscape before it’s too late.

Understanding political opinions

Segment the public according to political stances and voting behaviours to better understand your different audiences. Tap into our strong track record of accurate results to learn how people are likely to vote.


Identifying objectives

Tell us your needs - we’ll propose the best research approach to achieve your goals, no matter how urgent.


Designing a bespoke project

We’ll design a research process and line of questioning, tailored to deliver the insights you need.


Running fieldwork

Let us take care of all the fieldwork - we ensure that all practices are best-in-class.


Analysing results and reporting

Receive headlines, detailed reports, and recommendations on how to implement the findings.


Providing aftercare

Any follow-up questions? Need anything else? Or just want some advice? Come back to us anytime for more answers or guidance. We can advise on how to maximise ROI, whether you’re publishing externally or internally.

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