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Research methods

From the traditional to the cutting-edge, Savanta’s market research methods offer everything you need to achieve your goals. With the perfect combination of solid data, sector expertise and smart technology, we can give you the insights you need for swift, accurate decision making.

Our approach

Gathering the data is one thing – and quite frankly it’s easy to become inundated by stats and metrics – but often the challenge is analysing it accurately. How do you use what you’ve discovered to make better decisions, build customer relationships, improve sales, target cost savings, and boost profitability?

We use a range of bespoke smart market research methods, including the very latest behavioural approaches and a suite of analytical techniques. From optimising products or measuring communication effectiveness, to improving customer experience and driving conversion. Whatever your needs, we can help you drive change, using the right types of research methods for your objectives.

We will be your trusted partner – conducting tailored, full breadth research projects. From design to execution, we’ll inform and inspire you – whether you want a small qualitative study or a large-scale multi-country quantitative programme. We work with you to help you achieve your research and business aims.

Research benefits

Whatever your needs, we can help you drive change, using the right types of research methods for your objectives.

Understanding audiences

Win more share of pocket from competitors. Identify key demographics and behaviours including household, employment, sector, interests, media, online or social, and advertising.

Tracking brand performance

Prove business value to internal and external stakeholders. Measure awareness, familiarity, advantage, brand status, affinity, open image associations, and stated image associations.

Improving acquisition

Find out what your prospects want and where they’re shopping. Identify the adoption pyramid and explore consideration, preference, rejection, image drivers, and product awareness.

Maintaining customer retention

Understand how and what customers think about you and where you stand out. We'll identify penetration, frequency, NPS, in-store satisfaction, online satisfaction, and more.

Maximising market intelligence

Track and share your great work. Identify product usage, penetration growth, channel trends, use of aggregators, and consumer trends.

Boosting marketing performance

Demonstrate the value of your media spend through positive buzz, advertising awareness, and spontaneous awareness.

Research methods









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