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Youth market research

Are you creating outstanding products and services to excite and inspire the next generation? If you are, you’ll know it’s not an easy task connecting with younger audiences. Especially when language, trends, opinions and cultural references constantly change. Youth research that’s informed by exclusive tracking data, combined with clear, incisive insight is crucial. Here’s how our team (formerly YouthSight) can help:

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Depending on the challenge, we use qualitative and quantitative approaches, drawing on a tailored blend of innovative and classic techniques.

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic approaches, surveys (with or without advanced analytics), co-creation workshops, social media monitoring, immersion sessions, online communities, and video insights. We do it all!

Fusing extensive Gen Z trend data, with bespoke research and innovative techniques means your project never starts from zero.


Youth focused

We’re focused on understanding the needs of Gen Z to offer a clarity that enables you to make better marketing decisions.


Fused research methods

Depending on the challenge, we use qualitative and quantitative approaches, drawing on a tailored blend of innovative and classic techniques.


Research expertise

Focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic approaches, surveys (with or without advanced analytics), co-creation workshops, social media monitoring, immersion sessions, online communities, and video insights. We do it all!


Tracking data

Fusing extensive Gen Z trend data, with bespoke research and innovative techniques means your project never starts from zero.

Generation Z Breaking the mould

Learn how to maximise your success with Gen Z audiences by putting their values at the centre of your marketing. Build smarter strategies that meet the demands of the future. Young people different from other generations - they are proud to be part of a generation who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Watch the SnapMe to hear what's driving their ambitions to change the world.

Research benefits

Audience segmentation

Gen Z is a diverse group that identifies in many ways. Tap into different cultural groups, demographics, and behavioural segments using our sophisticated profiling. Ensure you deliver tailored campaigns, products or services. And reach any type of audience; from niche groups such as students studying a specific course at a particular university, to specific sectors, or the audiences across different social media channels.

Brand positioning, strategy and tracking

Gain more than a snapshot. We look at performance and opinions over time and help create strategies that will futureproof your brand.

Campaign effectiveness and development

Turn insights into actions to make sure your campaigns hit the right notes. What messages resonate with Gen Z? We test and monitor performance to help you deliver the creative campaigns young people love.

Competitor analysis

We’re all after a little bit more brand love! We can compare performance against a competitive benchmark to discover the truth about what Gen Z values about your brand, your competitor’s brand and where you can improve your commercial impact.

Course and prospectus development

Course suitability is the key factor influencing prospective undergraduates’ choices, as well as applicant communication. Our higher education market research has driven over 100 UK universities to optimise their course and prospectus offer and boost conversion goals, whilst also delivering on course needs, and understanding the motivations and barriers for higher education decision-making.

Customer experience and satisfaction

Unlock growth and drive success – find out how to deliver a brand experience that excites and inspires the next generation of consumers.

Product and pricing research

Make confident decisions based on real evidence. Find out how young people perceive value, what benefits they rate, and uncover what they’re willing to pay for them.

Trends and cultural insights

We empower brands so that you can immerse yourself in youth culture. All our Gen Z market research and trends insights are supported by years of tracking data; delving into what young people care about, where they’re headed and their digital worlds.

Our products

State of the Youth Nation

Savanta's leading Gen Z insight tracker. A State of the Youth Nation subscription helps brands make better youth market decisions.

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HE Success Suite

Improve student attraction and conversion with our subscription trackers and insight.

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Youth-centred omnibuses

If you've got just a few quick questions to ask, our youth omnibuses are a fast and cost-effective way to get your answers.

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Youth research tools

Download the brochure to discover the market research tools we have that will elevate your youth marketing strategy.

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Case studies

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Transform SocietyTackling social injustice

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PumaCelebrity brand ambassadors

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University of OxfordGauging alumni perceptions

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Art FundShaping promotion models

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“The YouthSight (now Savanta) team are great to work with - flexible, responsive and knowledgeable. Their clear and authoritative approach is supported by a willingness to answer our questions and address any concerns. Our work together over the last two years has been a real partnership.”

Sport England Business Analyst

“The real USP was being able to use a combination of the data from the primary research and YouthSight's (now Savanta) knowledge of young people generally, and their attitudes and behaviour.”

Co-op Customer Researcher

“We chose YouthSight (now Savanta) not only because they're the UK's leading youth research agency, they also have an excellent team of researchers who collaborated with our journalists to ask the questions that we needed answering.”

The Guardian Head of Youth

“YouthSight (now Savanta) are always brilliant to work with: helpful, responsive and efficient. They just get on with it. Global projects can be quite challenging and they really helped to make the project to run more smoothly.”


“The rigour, professionalism, creativity and support from YouthSight (now Savanta) was incredible and the openness to work with other partners in the sector ensured the results were so positive they were presented to senior advisers in No.10, OfS, numerous government departments and gave confidence to four leading UK universities to fun Transform Society for two years.”

Transform Society Transform Society Founder

“YouthSight’s (now Savanta) research was crucial to the development of our nationwide Student Art Pass. We were delighted with their work and are now delighted with the outcome: a fast-growing scheme helping more and more students discover culture, save money and engage with the arts.”

Art Fund Senior Marketing Manager
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