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Research & Consulting

Whether you need market research insight that gets to the heart of the matter or strategic guidance that drives transformative change, when you work with a hand-picked team of expert consultants from our specialist practices you benefit from; smart techniques, sector expertise, intelligent mindsets and business acumen.


Brand performance

We don’t just track brands – we help build brands. Understand and optimise your brand performance and reputation in an ever-changing world.

Brand development & strategy

Ensure your brand adapts, grows, and connects more meaningfully with customers, through the creation of an insight-led strategy.

Communication effectiveness & optimisation

Reach the right audience at the right time. Cut through the noise. Maximise impact. Communication effectiveness and optimisation research helps you deliver the best return on investment.

Customer experience

Measuring customer experience (CX) helps you to remove pain points, optimise the relationship, and ultimately maximise revenue.

Market understanding & opportunity

Reach more customers and grow your market share. Learn more about your target audience and competitors, with market opportunity research.

Polling & fast surveys

Want a snapshot of public opinion at any time, fast? Run polls with the pros - explore public sentiment and the implications.

Product & service development

Inspiring innovation that lasts. Build, test, refine, and measure new launches with confidence, using our product development research and innovation consulting.

Public policy

Develop ground-breaking policies and set a future-proof public affairs strategy. Our public policy research provides the insights and recommendations you need to succeed.

Research methods

From the traditional to the cutting-edge, our market research methods offer everything you need to achieve your aims. With the perfect combination of solid data, sector expertise and smart technology, we give you the insights you need for swift, accurate decision making.

Retail strategy

Increasing brand consideration. That’s one thing. But increasing sales is something else! There’s a clear starting point though – understanding shopping behaviours in context. That’s where we come in.

Thought leadership

Our thought leadership is designed with your outcomes in mind, focusing on your strategic narrative. We’ll ensure the outcomes drive engagement across all your thought leadership marketing channels.

Understanding stakeholders & employees

Understanding what your employees think and what key stakeholders expect from you is key to ensuring engagement and strategic alignment. Future-proof your business with stakeholder engagement research and find out how to respond.

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