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Customer experience research

Measuring customer experience (CX) helps you to remove pain points, optimize the relationship, and ultimately – maximize revenue

Our approach

Strengthening customer relationships is only possible by measuring customer experience. That’s not straightforward though. It evolves over time. Journeys change. Satisfaction fluctuates.

Loyalty? Customers can be fickle friends. So, you need an optimized CX program to understand how your brand performs at every touchpoint. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business, while carefully establishing a program of customer experience research to improve your performance. We’ll choose the best methodology, write the right questions, and ask the appropriate audience.

We’ll combine primary data, secondary data, stakeholder insights - and ultimately, we’ll build a highly actionable insight program that drives improvement on your core financial metrics, customer experience metrics, or other KPIs. The good news is, businesses usually have plenty in place for successful customer experience analysis already. Even if you think yours doesn’t.


Mapping out the customer journey

Identify every touchpoint your customers have with your brand.


Evaluating existing data

Examine all the information that currently exists at each touchpoint for insights on overall performance. Build an optimized program – to assess each touchpoint and fill the gaps from existing data.


Establishing the key drivers and barriers

Explore the factors that produce – or prevent – the desired actions at each touchpoint. Monitor ongoing performance against the key metrics.


Embedding new CX principles business-wide

Drive performance and boost revenue generating behaviors. Including predictive techniques ensures the program doesn’t just tackle today’s issues, it puts processes in play to generate long-term growth.

Research benefits

Customer experience mapping

Understand all the touchpoints your brand has with customers. Identify the opportunities to delight or disappoint. By focusing on key decision-making milestones, you’ll see how to move more customers and prospects through the journey.

Driving loyalty and retention

Optimize your earned growth rate. Increase revenues from repeat sales and customer acquisitions via recommendations. Our programs reveal the key characteristics behind churn rates – giving you all you need to limit lost sales, increase customer spend, and improve loyalty.

Setting a CX culture

Our programs provide engaging presentations and outputs that drive positive action across any organization. Real cultural change is a differentiator. It builds a buffer between those who actually implement a holistic customer experience strategy – and those who don’t.


Get granular – our results are robust at a segment and sub-segment level. Samples, as well as our reporting tools, reflect the vital value customer experience market research adds by identifying customers’ differing needs and wants.

Research methods

Loyalty & retention

Customer satisfaction and NPS

Customer journey mapping

Thought leadership

Case studies

ATPIGauging customer perceptions

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Automotive manufacturerCustomer journey mapping

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Home InsuranceUnderstanding buyer behaviour

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British Private BankSpeaking to the wealthy

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REXELSparking a new buying process

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"I would definitely recommend Savanta for any research work. I’ve worked with them multiple times on large and small projects, and they always go above and beyond, even at the proposal stage to win our work in the first place. I wouldn’t hesitate to send our next brief to them."

Avanti West Coast

"TPE have partnered with Savanta for over a decade , the research Savanta provides us with focuses on key business metrics for maintaining and improving the customer experience, Savanta have been fantastic to work with and provide rich insights for us to analyse and derive improvements. Savanta are proactive in their approach, forward thinking and know our market, we very much enjoy working with Savanta on research to improve our experience, the team always go above and beyond to assist us in our research."

Transpenine Express

"You guys (the whole team) are brilliant – very responsive, very helpful and so delivery-focused. It’s a real pleasure working with you."

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