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Youth Practice launch event

Sorry we missed you

Sorry you weren’t able to join us at our Youth Practice launch. But, as a thanks for showing interest, I’ve included some bonus material for you below, which includes: a new webinar (covering advertising effectiveness and connecting with Gen Z), a recording of our recent Culture Lists webinar (discover what content is popular with young people), a Gen Z spotlight report (covering social media trends) – plus all the slides from the presentations we shared at the event. Enjoy!

Josephine Hansom VP, Youth Get in touch

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Our Youth Practice steers brands to maximise their relationship with younger generations. If you have a project or question that you'd like to talk to us about, I'd welcome the opportunity for us to chat.

We'll help solve your toughest Gen Z marketing challenges and future-proof your brand for the next generation.

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Presentation slides

If Millennials are old, Gen Z are young, what do we know about Gen Alpha?

Josephine Hansom uses data from State of the Youth Nation to uncover the trends, attitudes and behaviours of Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, revealing how these three generations differ from one another, and what organisations must do to successfully market to these young audiences.

Download the presentation slides

The power of personalisation: reimagining personal data for the internet age (a case study with the BBC)

This presentation revealed how we helped the BBC develop a concept that brings together users’ personal data from different services - giving their audiences a holistic approach to personalisation, so you can access everything in one place!

Download the presentation slides

A radical voice for mental health: creating a blueprint for change alongside young people

Speaking alongside YoungMinds, we shared the research from our recent project that uncovered the systemic pressures impacting young people today, and how we discovered new solutions to the mental health crisis amongst marginalised young people.

Download the presentation slides

Bonus webinar How advertising works / How to connect with Gen Z

Watch the full webinar. We deliver two presentations in one - double the insights for FREE! We've drawn upon our research to combine two insightful presentations that cover how brands can optimise their advertising campaigns and how to engage with the next generation. Part 1 begins at 01:21 and Part 2 begins at 09:14.

Spotlight report: Gen Z and social media stress

Have a free Spotlight Report on us! We send spotlights out to subscribers of State of the Youth Nation every fortnight, highlighting emerging trends that we're spotting in our tracking data. In this report we look at the rising stress that young people experience whilst using social media, how this differs by segments and what it means for brands.

Download the report

Exclusive webinar Culture Lists

Our Culture Lists deliver insights on the most popular, current content that Gen Z are engaging with in their day-to-day lives. We distribute these lists to subscribers of State of the Youth Nation, and run bi-monthly webinars where we discuss what's popular with young people and what this means for businesses.

Check out our recent webinar where we cover: TikTok accounts, disliked brands, fashion icons, how Gen Z unwind and gaming.

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“The YouthSight (now Savanta) team are great to work with - flexible, responsive and knowledgeable. Their clear and authoritative approach is supported by a willingness to answer our questions and address any concerns. Our work together over the last two years has been a real partnership.”

Sport England Business Analyst

“The real USP was being able to use a combination of the data from the primary research and YouthSight's (now Savanta) knowledge of young people generally, and their attitudes and behaviour.”

Co-op Customer Researcher

“We chose YouthSight (now Savanta) not only because they're the UK's leading youth research agency, they also have an excellent team of researchers who collaborated with our journalists to ask the questions that we needed answering.”

The Guardian Head of Youth

“YouthSight (now Savanta) are always brilliant to work with: helpful, responsive and efficient. They just get on with it. Global projects can be quite challenging and they really helped to make the project to run more smoothly.”


“The rigour, professionalism, creativity and support from YouthSight (now Savanta) was incredible and the openness to work with other partners in the sector ensured the results were so positive they were presented to senior advisers in No.10, OfS, numerous government departments and gave confidence to four leading UK universities to fun Transform Society for two years.”

Transform Society Transform Society Founder

“YouthSight’s (now Savanta) research was crucial to the development of our nationwide Student Art Pass. We were delighted with their work and are now delighted with the outcome: a fast-growing scheme helping more and more students discover culture, save money and engage with the arts.”

Art Fund Senior Marketing Manager

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