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The building block of brand love

Discover how you can engage young audiences to become life-long supporters of your brand. We use data from State of the Youth Nation and BrandVue to uncover the brands that consumers love, and why, to help future-proof your business.


If Millennials are old, Gen Z are young, who are Generation Alpha?

Josephine Hansom, VP of youth research at Savanta, will share fresh youth insights around three generations, uncovering their differing needs and drivers that you need to know to effectively market to each.

10 ways Gen Z will change the world webinar

In this session reveal the 10 ways that Gen Z are challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change in the world. Find out what this means for brands as we cover themes around the topics that matter most to young people, including: identity, trust, data protection, love and relationships, mental and physical wellbeing, food, climate change, brands, influencers and purpose.

The power of personalisation: reimagining personal data for the Internet age

In this recorded seminar we shine a light on how our client at the BBC has harnessed research to develop a fresh concept that revolutionizes the way we view and manage our personal data - giving the control and power back to the user.

Keep plugged in to youth trends

Much of the data used in this webinar was informed by our Gen Z insight tracker State of the Youth Nation, which tracks 700+ questions to uncover what young people care about, where they're headed and their digital worlds.

If you're interested in getting more regular, ongoing insights such as the data included in this webinar, then why not try a demo of the dashboard and see the data we have that will change your business.

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