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Enjoy unrivalled cost, speed and ease of access to your target market through a single point of contact – with our sample solutions.

Reaching over 100m consumers and business decision-makers in over 95 countries, you are connected to a truly global audience.


Proprietary Panels

Gain direct access to your target market with Savanta's proprietary consumer and business research panels. Our extensively profiled sample receives rigorous checks, at both the survey and sign up level, to ensure your company decisions are based on the highest-quality audience data.


Access Hub

Benefit from instant access to millions of consumers across the globe via the Savanta Access Hub. All partners are measured against Savanta’s rigorous quality checks and only those who qualify are able to join the Savanta Hub.


Ad Hoc Sample

Access audience research directly and efficiently with our proprietary messaging technology. Deliver surveys to your existing customer databases or reach niche markets through our exclusive publisher & database partnerships.


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