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Volumetrics & forecasting research

Receive the most realistic forecast, from the most versatile sales prediction model. Our advanced volumetric modelling research techniques provide the data you need to make big decisions.

Our approach

It’s crucial, in today’s rapidly changing markets, to understand before launch how your new products or innovations will perform.

Early sales volume forecasting helps bring in-market opportunities to life. It supports new product development prioritisation across categories, as well as for new markets. Our volumetric sales modelling provides marketers and R&D teams with an accurate forecast – for a full range of potential product launches. Estimate the uplift of brand extensions, or the introduction of new packaging.

You need to understand the past, to forecast the future – let us be your guide.


Combining multiple data sources

Using a mix of research, marketing inputs, and real-world category data in our flexible volumetric model, we provide realistic market forecasts. They’re available for years one to two from launch, including trial and repeat purchase data.


Providing versatility

See estimates based on changes to your pricing strategies. Model the impact of different distribution levels and the effect of altering above-the-line or below-the-line support, including social media. Understand the influence of shelf positioning, including gondola-end promotions.


Forecasting sales – in granular detail

Don’t just settle for volume and value estimations. Our model offers a forecast of revenue sources and potential increases in sales by category too.

Research benefits

Our volumetric forecasting model has been developed with over 30 years of continued refinement and validation to help with...

Forecasting with flexibility

A flexible, intelligent, validated forecasting model – tailored to your market and designed to cater for all scenarios, from new concepts to packaging and propositions.

Getting granular

With rich diagnostic outputs and scenario modelling, we'll provide unrivalled detail designed to improve your revenues.

Optimising sales

What's the impact on sales if you change your media spend, distribution, price, timings, and range? We'll answer your key sales questions.

Research methods

Audience/market segmentation

Audience/market segmentation

Market sizing & trends

Market sizing & trends

Market understanding

Market understanding

Usage & attitudes

Usage & attitudes

Fitness FirstRebranding

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SuperdryEnhancing market understanding

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JLTGetting customers on board

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"The Savanta team were a pleasure to work with on this project: creative, collaborative and enthusiastic. The deliverables were excellent – both in their ease of understanding but also the quality of analysis and presentation and therefore the usability by the business. The findings continue to be used which is the ultimate testament – it’s not ‘one and done and left on the shelf’ this remains current and live and is being used."


"Any business needs to outpace its competitors and accelerate delivery of insights which can be used to grow performance and value. Virtually all customer-facing initiatives have been formed using this unique approach to customer tracking and subsequent performance analysis. The member trackers have given us an invaluable tool for assessing what our customers actually want, not what we think they want.”

Fitness First

"The research showed us that our clients were true advocates for us and would be very willing to refer us to industry colleagues, but that we needed to formalise this process more. The research programme has definitely provided additional tools to help us communicate our strengths, as well as enhancing relationships with existing clients.”

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