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RIA Rail Supply Chain Survey

Survey of supply chain contacts on behalf of the RIA on the topic of rail funding

  • The majority of respondents say that a ‘boom and bust’ pattern best describes the nature of Government spending in the UK rail sector – with two-thirds (68%) saying this. In total, 99% see some level of peaks and troughs, while only 1% say that a ‘smooth’ and consistent pattern of spending is the best descriptor
  • Approaching nine in ten respondents who see peaks and troughs in Government rail spending say that this has a negative impact on their business (86%), compared to only 1% who say it has a positive impact
  • The largest proportion of respondents say that their organisation has frozen recruitment as a consequence of peaks and troughs in Government rail spending (61%), followed by those who say that their organisation has decided not to employ a worker (50%) and decided not to invest funds in their organisation (45%)
  • Nearly all respondents (96%) say that the government should do more to smooth out peaks and troughs in its rail spending. Only 4% believe that the Government is currently doing enough

Date Published: 22/10/2018

Categories: Business | Economy | Infrastructure | Professionals | Transport | UK

Client: The Railway Industry Association (RIA)


ComRes interviewed 122 RIA Supply Chain contacts online between 12th September and 15th October 2018. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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