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ComRes MPs Economic Indicators Research

Survey of MPs on economic growth, inflation, interest rates and unemployment.

When asked about the following economic indicators over the next 12 months:

  • MPs are split over expectations of economic growth, with approximately one third (34%) saying it will improve, one third (34%) saying it will stay the same, and one third (33%) saying it will get worse.
  • The majority of MPs (60%) expect inflation to get worse, while only one third (33%) expect it to stay the same.
  • Labour MPs (85%) were twice as likely as Conservative MPs (42%) to say that they expect inflation to get worse.


Find the full press release here.

Date Published: 07/03/2017

Categories: Economy | Economy | Policy Makers

Client: N/A


Methodology: ComRes surveyed a representative sample of 150 MPs between 11 January and 23 February 2017 using online and self-completion postal questionnaires.

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