Travel, Transport & Logistics Market Research

Emma Callaghan, Director

Transporting people or freight around the world requires an unwavering focus on efficiency. As price competition intensifies, businesses in this space will need to explore strategies to maximise their profit margins.

Travel and logistics services are highly functional, yet perceived satisfaction can still be linked to the strength of the brand. Adding personable and human elements to the buying journey at just the right moments can really differentiate the buying experience. Being smart about up-sell and cross-sell opportunities – identifying the most valuable add-ons and extras – can boost customer spend in exchange for greater value. And ultimately, service innovations and the adoption of new technologies will continue to redefine expectations for the whole sector.

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How we help clients

Enhancing the branded customer journey

Customer journeys

Map the customer journey and prioritise opportunities to enhance the experience for your core target audiences. Reveal and remove pain points and barriers to purchase. Highlight and enhance moments that can drive customer delight.

Become more customer-centric

Customer strategies

Get close to your target audience using a combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis to bring customer profiles to life for your teams. Work with us to design and embed a bespoke audience segmentation, helping teams within your business to align decision making around the needs of core target audiences.

Launch successful propositions

Proposition and innovation testing

Identify, explore and optimise new product and service development opportunities. Whether it’s an early stage idea or a pre-launch concept, we design studies that integrate multiple sources of insight to help you build winning propositions.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

Brand strategies

Identify your optimal brand positioning and architecture through a comprehensive assessment of the market and your existing brand equity. Track your brand performance over time to monitor shifting brand perceptions and course-correct your strategy.

‘What I like about Savanta is how they make complicated stuff simple. The clarity and practicality they applied to breaking large data sets down to manageable and presentable steering indicators has helped us tremendously in creating a global ROI out of the research’.


Introducing BrandVue: Your daily source for insight

Based on a continuous survey of tens-of-thousands of members of your target market and covering all key competitors, the BrandVue dashboard is a highly reliable, user-friendly window on how customers perceive brands in your sector and rate their experiences with them.

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