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Range optimization research

To succeed in an ever-changing retail environment, it’s essential to continually evolve and optimize your offering. You can increase your brand growth through range optimization market research.

Our approach

To grow market share during these uncertain times, it’s vital to differentiate your brand from competitors and maximize reach.

These goals are crucial in categories where there’s lots of choice and online shopping is changing consumer behavior. You need to consider the wider market, stock keeping unit (SKU) appeal, pricing, promotions, and much more. Traditionally, range potential is assessed in complete isolation from competitors’ offering. But we do things differently.

Our market research factors in current market competitiveness, giving you a much more realistic context to help inform product development and range decisions. This also mirrors consumers’ purchasing behavior and decision-making at fixture, where there’s usually an abundance of choice. Our two core approaches are total unduplicated reach and frequency (TURF), which assesses the growth potential of different range line-ups, and range builder, our proprietary solution, providing increased granularity and detail of sales outputs.

Our goals? To pinpoint the product range that increases market share for your brand – and delivers maximum sales!


Total unduplicated reach and frequency (TURF)

How would alternative range permutations improve reach – to both current customers and prospects? Find out – fast. We can include diagnostics to demonstrate the reasons behind differences in performance. Also, we can provide a simulator tool for ongoing monitoring after the project.


Range builder

Receive more granular sales details in your deliverables. Measure category growth and incremental sales volume. We collect data via a series of realistic shopping choice exercises, creating an in-market choice context with dynamics such as competitor influence and price points.

Research benefits

Testing product changes

Whether you’re testing new flavors, fragrances, product benefits, formats or pack designs, our research can help you maximize appeal. While delivering category growth for retailers and improving sales for manufacturers.

Optimizing your SKU line-up

Understand which SKU line-up performs best and identify likely cannibalizations on your existing portfolio. Discover the SKUs that have the highest or lowest appeal.

Improving SKU conversions

Which SKUs have the best chance to convert non-product users? What are the key SKUs that have the greatest potential to increase purchase intent and sales? And what benefits should you communicate to improve purchase intent?

Finding the ideal range

Uncover the overall impact of a new range on categories. Identify any potential for category growth within the new range – perfect for your trade stories.

Research methods

Product & service development

Product & service development

Ideation & concept development

Ideation & concept development

Concept testing

Concept testing

Product testing

Product testing

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy

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