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Product testing research

Develop winning products. Put them on trial with the right customers, in the right environment, using product testing market research.

Our approach

Launching a new product, or enhancing an existing one, is often an expensive and potentially risky undertaking. Getting it right can lead to sustained, profitable portfolio growth. But getting it wrong can waste precious resources, lose customers, and potentially damage your brand equity.

That’s why product testing research is so important. We have extensive experience of working with leading product manufacturers helping to launch your new product creations with confidence, ensuring you don’t alienate regular users and helping you grow penetration and repeat purchase.


New product testing

Measure consumer behaviour and understand their need states and how well products perform. Do they need improvements? Do they match consumers’ expectations for your brand?


Best-in-class testing

Prove that your product is the best one available, for selling-in or advertising claims, in-home or at a central location.


Product change testing

Will consumers notice the changes? Test and analyze the impact of tweaks – including changes to price, size, functionality or usability.


Extended placement testing

Over a longer period, in-home, understand the role of packaging, how consumers use your products, how to improve them, and much more.


e-Commerce testing

Monitor consumers’ shopping journey, see how many choose your product, and get feedback based on testing experiences replicating real websites. We combine product testing research in-home with an online shopping module.

Research benefits

Meeting customer needs

Evaluate your product against customer needs, through standard measures and customised designs, to ensure it achieves sufficient scale and delivers repeat purchases.

Testing in natural locations

Receive relevant, realistic feedback from testing exercises at the locations where consumers typically interact with your product. Online, in-home, in-hall – wherever.

Product attribute testing

Check product performance against our framework criteria. This includes rational and implicit features, targeting, tone, brand fit, comprehension speed, sustainability, distinctiveness, impact, call to action, and more.

Optimizing products for market

Receive the data analysis and reporting you need to optimise products. From easy-to-read summaries and product characteristics ranked by importance to penalty analysis comparisons and peak profile analysis reports.

Research methods

Ideation & concept development

Ideation & concept development

Product & service development

Product & service development

Concept testing

Concept testing

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy

Range optimization

Range optimization

Case studies

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