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What are common characteristics of the most loved drinks brands?

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Julian Dailly EVP 03/11/2021

The Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands 2021

For the second year running we have summarised the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands, providing insight into which beverage brands UK adults have the closest emotional connection with.

Drawing on insights from the report, we take a look at the four key characteristics that the most loved drinks brands have in common.

Most loved brands are often easy choices because you know what you’re getting.

01: High penetration

The brands people buy more often are the most loved and vice versa. We can see this relationship in the chart below. It’s a high correlation (0.64).

02: Popularity and market leadership

The most loved brands are associated with popularity and market leadership. Market leaders are under attack from contenders in all categories — the most loved ones retain relevance combined with high mental awareness and physical availability.

Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” (2013) outlined the six reasons why people are persuaded to buy brands. One of these is “social proofing”: we trust the power of the crowd and like to be associated with popular things.

We also like to be “consistent”: most loved brands are often easy choices because you know what you’re getting.

03: Worth paying more for

The most loved brands particularly over-index on two image attributes — being described as “worth paying more for” and “high quality”.

Some of the brands in the top 20 like Fever-Tree and San Pellegrino have built up a higher price point by starting off in selective on-trade distribution and building quality associations.

Champagne brands and premium vodkas have built up exclusivity by communicating their limited production and the process behind making their products. Naturally, consumers begin building associations with said brand and special occasions, increasing its value as a result.

04: Positive buzz

The most loved brands are also associated with high levels of positive buzz i.e. buyers hearing positive things in the last month. The correlation with Brand Love is a strong one (0.63). This might be shared product appreciation, social media likes, positive endorsement by bar staff – anything “positive”.

Our work in the restaurant sector has highlighted how positive buzz strongly correlates with sales. It highlights the importance of delivering a consistently positive product experience as much as maintaining a responsive social media offer.

Download the full report here and see the full list of the Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands in the UK.

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