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Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace – How well are businesses progressing?

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Helen Davey Associate Director 14/04/2021

It is widely accepted that Diversity and Inclusion in the workplaces generates positive performance outcomes for businesses. Businesses with diverse teams, a wider set of skills, cultural backgrounds and personalities are more innovative and perform better financially.

3 in 10 businesses had already undertaken some form of Diversity and Inclusion action in their workplace, whether that be developing a formal Diversity and Inclusion policy, or conducting Diversity and Inclusion training for all staff.

So how well are businesses progressing in this area?

Savanta wanted to understand what action had been taken on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. Therefore, we asked GB businesses two key questions:

  • Have you already developed a Diversity and Inclusion policy?
  • Have you conducted Diversity and Inclusion training for all staff?

 Please download our free mini-report here or for more information please get in touch.

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