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Sunday Mirror / Independent on Sunday Political Poll

Political poll of the public, including voting intention, for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday.

Date Published: 23 Aug 2014

Categories: International | Politics | Public and communities | UK


The Conservatives have increased one point since the last ComRes online poll for the Sunday Mirror and the Independent on Sunday in July, taking them to 32% and within two points of Labour which remains on 34%. UKIP are up one point to 18%, with the Liberal Democrats down one to 8%.            

Con      32% (+1)

Lab       34% (NC)

LD        8% (-1)

UKIP     18% (+1)

Other    8% (-1)


Key points:

Favourability Index

- Just 7% of Britons are favourable towards Alex Salmond. In Scotland, opinions about the SNP leader are mixed (36% favourable, 40% unfavourable).

- In England and Wales, ten times as many view Alex Salmond negatively as do positively (50% to 5%).

- Scots are more positive about the English (65% favourable) than the English and Welsh are about Scottish people generally (52%).

- For the first time in the Favourability Index, The Conservative Party (30%) is considered more favourably than both its leader David Cameron (28%) and the Labour Party (28%).

- With just one in six Britons (18%) favourable towards Ed Miliband, the Labour leader trails both David Cameron and his own party (28%), as well as Nigel Farage (23%).


Iraq and IS

- Most Britons (51%) disagree that it is possible for a Prime Minister to make good decisions about international crises via a Blackberry, as David Cameron proposed he would earlier this week.

- More than half of the British public (55%) think that the “Islamic State” continues its advance into Iraq unchecked then the organisation will pose a direct threat to security on British streets.

- Furthermore, British adults are more likely to agree (40%) than disagree (29%) that Britain should be willing to intervene around the world with military force if necessary in cases of humanitarian emergency. 

- Despite this, there is little sense that Britain should be doing more in the region. Just one in four Britons think the emergence of Islamic State in Iraq shows that Britain withdrew from the country prematurely. 39% disagree.

- Similarly, just a quarter (26%) think the situation in Iraq means that Britain should consider delaying the current plans to withdraw all its troops in Afghanistan by the end of this year.


Expectations for next government

 - More people expect Labour to be in government after the General Election (32%) next than think the same of the Conservatives (28%). Just 7% expect the Liberal Democrats to be in Government.



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