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RSPCA – Fireworks polling

UK adults’ views of fireworks and the impact they have on animals

  • One in ten UK adults say they attended a private firework display at a friend’s or family’s home (12%) or at their own home (11%) in 2019.
  • For this year’s fireworks season, two in five UK adults plan to have their own fireworks display at home (21%) or attend a private firework display at a friend’s or family’s home (20%). Nearly twice the proportion as last year.
  • Seven in ten (71%) UK adults agree that the noise from fireworks can negatively impact the welfare of pets, horses and other animals in the surrounding area.
  • Only two in five (41%) UK adults say they are confident that they could care for a pet, horse or other animal that was distressed due to fireworks.
  • The majority (57%) of UK adults agree that fireworks for private use (i.e. other than for organised displays) should be banned. One in five (19%) disagree and a further one in five (21%) neither agree nor disagree.

Date Published: 13/11/2020

Categories: Public and communities | Social | UK

Client: RSPCA


Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,274 UK adults online between the 16th and 19th October 2020, including 1,791 in England, 261 in Wales, 178 in Scotland and 44 in Northern Ireland. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of the UK by age, gender, region and social grade. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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