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Local Government Association Devolution Survey

Survey of  MPs and Peers on behalf of Local Government Association on attitudes towards local government funding.

  • The vast majority of MPs and Peers support the devolution of financial powers and/or greater responsibility for local public services.
  • A large proportion support additional funding for councils for social care budgets.

Date Published: 21/02/2017

Categories: Policy Makers | Politics | Public Sector | UK

Client: Local Government Association (LGA)


ComRes interviewed 152 MPs between 10th November and 19th December 2016 and 100 Peers between 14th November and 15th December 2016 online and by paper self-completion questionnaire. Data have been weighted by party and region to be representative of the House of Commons, and by party to be representative House of Lords.

  1. LGA_Local-Gov-Questions_Peers-2016 -0 KB.
  2. LGA_Local-Gov-Questions_MPs-2016 -0 KB.

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