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Local Government Association – Adult social care funding survey

Survey of MPs and Future MPs on behalf of the Local Government Association

Three quarters of MPs (75%) agree that adult social care funding from government should be protected in a similar way to the NHS for the next five years.

A survey of future MPs made up of incumbent MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) seen as being likely to win their seats in May showed that 76 per cent agreed that in the next parliament, adult social care funding from government should be protected in the same way as NHS funding.


Date Published: 01/04/2015

Categories: Health | Policy Makers | Politics | Social | UK

Client: Local Government Association


  • ComRes interviewed 150 MPs and 101 Future MPs likely to be Members of Parliament after the 2015 General Election online and by self-completion paper questionnaire, between 28th January and 3rd March 2015.
  • MPs data were weighted to reflect the composition of the House of Commons in terms of party representation and regional constituency distribution.
  • Future MPs were made up of 50 incumbent MPs and 51 PPCs likely to win their seats. Data were weighted by party to seat calculation in the House of Commons based on the most recent 3 month average of ComRes voting intention polls.
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